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OTC - Oromia Tourism Commission Story

Oromia Tourism Commission (OTC) is a public organization entrusted with the duty and responsibility to spearhead a strategic and successful execution of the Oromia Sustainable Tourism Master Plan in collaboration and coordination’s with public, private, civil society organizations and host communities  in the region and in  partner neighbor regions.

  • Transform Oromia tourism into a vibrant, profitable and sustainable industry;
  • Market Oromia as top desirable tourist destination;
  • Develop tourism destinations to fit the needs and requirements of tourists;
  • Support a cooperative relationship between the private sector, the government and host communities with respect to Oromia tourism;
  • Provide data/information on Oromia tourism to the private sector, the government and other bodies; and
  • Generate resources, establish and manage tourism fund.

Our Mission

Over the coming five years (2021-2025),

1.Grow annually tourism income, export revenues, for the economy by ten fold;

2.Create 500,000 job/employment opportunities for the youth and women; and

3.Contribute annually to 10-15 destinations host communities’ income, livelihood improvement by two fold.

Strategic Objectives
  • Forge and sustain resourceful multi-stakeholder collaboration and partnership including with other regions;
  • Focus on markets of highest return on investment;
  • Tourism products and services value innovation with participation of tourists;
  • Create and lead industry in brand relevancy and consistency;
  • Create high-yield domestic customers;
  • Enhance tourism’s contribution to peace; and
  • Respond to changing market dynamics.


Oromia Tourism Commission Has Currently 5 directorates. These are Finance and Administration Directorate, Research and Analytics Directorate, Marketing and Promotion Directorate, Resource Mobilization and Tourism Fund, Destination Development Directorate.
Hantuto Galma
Director, Finance and Administration
Derara Ketema
Directorate, Tourism Research and Analytics Directorate
Getu Gelgelu
Director, Marketing and Promotion Directorate
Daniel Ajama
Director, Resource Mobilization and Tourism Fund Directorate
Muday Getachew
Director, Destination Development Directorate
Ebise Guta
Team Leader, Tourism Fund and Partnership
Amen Wakgari
Team Leader, Engineering and Technical
Berhanu Berga
Team Leader, GIS Specialist
Muleta Alem
Team Leader, Tourism Digitalization and Software Development
Hickson Debele
Team Leader, Tourism Fund and Partnership
Kemal Mohammed
Team Leader, Digital Marketing and MICE
Adem Mama
Team Leader, Destination Development
Fraol Dhuga
Team Leader, Creative Team
Ashenafi Habte
Team Leader, Destination Development
Gadisa Dhaba
Team Leader, Domestic Marketing
Habte Assefa
Team Leader, Tourism Digitalization and ICT

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